UFO oh my!


So, I’ve decided to throw my UFO experience into the wide world of the internet.  Call me misguided or stupid…but, don’t call me crazy.

June 2013. Siesta Key FL.

I am on vacation and it’s about 9:30 pm at night.  I’m in the outside pool of the condo complex where I am staying.  The night is clear, not a cloud in the sky.  I’m leaning with my back against the side of the pool, just taking in the lovely sky and all the pretty stars.  I notice that there is something moving fast across the sky…and it’s VERY high up, but also VERY bright.  I’m watching it and I can tell from how fast it’s moving, that it isn’t a “normal” aircraft.  Although it’s hard to judge distance in a night sky, it seemed to me to be much  higher than a regular jet liner would fly.  It was also very bright, with a white light…no blue/red or flashing…just a steady white light moving at a ridiculously fast pace.  I actually pointed this object out to another person in the pool, and asked them what they thought it was, before they could answer…as we were both watching it….it completely stopped and then shot straight up so fast that within 2 seconds it was gone. 

To say that my companion and I were shocked, would be an understatement.  There we were, mouths agape, staring up at something for which we had no explanation.  After a few minutes and much chatter about how weird the event was….the night ended, and I retired back to my condo.

So, what did I see? I have no idea.  I do know that it’s speed and perceived distance was extraordinary….the fact it came to a dead stop then shot off upwards towards space was so unusual that I am here now sharing this with you. 

Do I believe in Aliens?  I believe that God put us on the planet Earth….and I believe he made the universe so vast, the galaxies so plentiful, the planets so numerous that anything is possible.  I don’t presume to know the mind of God, all I can think is that if he put us here, there is no reason for him to not put other beings someplace else.  God is the Alpha and the Omega…his power is immeasurable, so anything is possible.

I expect by sharing this weird experience that there will be those who roll their eyes, those who say I’m bat shit crazy, those who come up with alternate theories of what it could have been….I expect all that, because human beings don’t like unexplained things.  We spend our time trying to figure out the mysteries of life.  All I can say is I know what I saw, it’s unexplainable to me, and it was flying….so by definition it was a UFO.  Anything more than that, is just supposition.

The police are the good guys!


I am so sick of all the hate and trash talk that is in the comments of any article that has anything to do with law enforcement.  In fact, in my local newspaper a woman was beaten and robbed in her place of business.  The article showed the police cars out front.  In the comments one dude said “Stupid police, taking notes and not doing shit”.  Well, actually they were processing a crime scene and the next day they ARRESTED the perpetrator.  So, imagine that..they were doing something besides taking notes!

I  have found the people that have a problem with the police, are 1. Criminals 2. Whiners 3. Friends or family of a criminal.  I like how it’s always how the “police are harassing me!”…really?  I’ve been on this earth 41 years and I have NEVER been harassed by ANY police officer….because, I’m not a CRIMINAL.  If they are “harassing” you…you won’t get any sympathy from me, because I bet there is a damn good reason.

The next gripe I hear is that police should be out catching “real” criminals instead of getting their “quota” of speeding tickets.  1. Driving like an idiot, is a danger to the public and they are doing their job…if you don’t like getting a ticket, drive like you have some sense and within the posted speed limits.  2. They don’t have “quotas”….and they don’t make any more money for giving tickets, so really there is no motivation for them to get out on what is probably one of the most hazardous things they can do, which is a traffic stop just to get their non-existent “quota” up.  Using this as an insult reminds me of something my mom used to say, “Better to be thought of as an idiot then to open your mouth and erase all doubt.” 

“I pay your salary!”  Well whoop de doo…guess what, by paying the same taxes that YOU do, they pay their own salary.  You also pay the President’s salary…..do you call and tell him that every time he does something you don’t agree with?  If not, then keep your mouth shut.

“If you don’t act nice, I’m going to have that policeman arrest you!”  Seriously, mother of the year…you are NOT.  This boggles my mind.  If my child is ever lost, hurt or in danger…I want them to find the nearest policeman for help, not to be afraid that they will be arrested by the big bad cop.  If you are a parent that does this…STOP IT.  How about you be a damn parent and take control of your kid and stop using fear and passing the buck of telling a kid NO onto someone else. 

Law enforcement is a needed, dangerous, and thankless job.  These officers have to deal daily with people and events that I hope to never come across.  My mother (a fountain of wisdom) also used to tell me that you have to have a little bit of fear to have respect, and by God she was right!  By pushing the touchy feely community policing, departments have done their officers a disservice.  Police work is not an office job and treating it like one only puts them at greater risk.  People have no respect anymore and without respect, they feel they can act however they want…and that is dangerous. 

So, in case you were wondering…yes, I support Law Enforcement and I am thankful for the job they do every day.  May God bless them and keep them safe, because they ARE the good guys!

I am an American!


I am beyond offended that elected officials called fellow Americans…..anarchists and extremists! I am an American and I love my country. I am not against my country, I am against an ill-conceived bill. I am not an anarchist, nor am I an extremist. I am a woman who has an opinion, that has a voice, that has a RIGHT to believe what I want.

We elect officials to go to DC and act on our behalf. I understand that, but apparently Harry Reid doesn’t. He says that America wants Obamacare…..I am an American and I DO NOT WANT OBAMACARE. We can’t afford it.

We are a nation that takes care of those that can’t take care of themselves…we have social programs already in place…they are known as Medicaid and Medicare. We should have spent time signing up eligible people to those programs that were already in place, we don’t need a whole new system. If that makes me sound like an anarchist then so be it.

I believe that Obamacare will hurt Americans. In jobs, in healthcare, in physician availability, in cost. There are some good aspects to Obamacare, but they could have been implemented without having to sink our country into a mire of never ending debt. We could have reformed what insurance companies are allowed to do…to charge…to cover. We could have ended pre-existing condition clauses. We could have ended lifetime caps. We could have capped cost. The only winners in Obamacare are the insurance companies, which will now raise premiums. If you don’t believe me, ask around, I’m pretty sure you’ll find someone in your social circle that has been given notice that their health insurance premiums will go up.

I was raised a Democrat. However, after the divisiveness, the name calling, the finger pointing, and the complete disregard of a whole political party’s view point ( not one single Republican voted for Obamacare ) I decided that I am not, and will never again be a Democrat. That doesn’t make me a racist, that doesn’t make me a radical…it makes me an American that knows that you have to put America ahead of your own agenda. Bringing a country together, not pushing it apart, not having a President that refuses to listen to HALF the people in the nation that have said, “NO!”.

They used to say President Carter was the worst President that our Nation had ever seen, and of course we all know how Proud Nixon made us…but, for me the worst President is the one sitting there now, because he has forgotten that he is there for ALL Americans. He has forgotten that our GREAT nation was built on Capitalism. He has forgotten that there are TWO political parties and they BOTH get a voice. He has forgotten that compromise is his JOB.

I am not an extremist, I am not an anarchist…I am an AMERICAN and Harry Reid, and the Democratic Party would do well to remember that.

9/11 will we really never forget?


I remember where I was…what I was doing…who I was with on 9/11/2001. I remember watching transfixed as the news showed the extent of the horror that was brought to so many people, so many families and loved ones on what was otherwise a beautiful, sunny autumn day.

The tragedies just kept piling up. One after another…it was overwhelming, and yet, I couldn’t stop watching. I didn’t know the people affected, I didn’t lose anyone I loved. Yet, I prayed…I prayed with almost every breathe, because they were Americans. They were fellow citizens. They were husbands, wives, children, parents. I prayed, because my heart was breaking for those lost and for those left behind.

I was proud of President Bush, and of Mayor Giuliani…they did what they had sworn an Oath to do, they lead our Nation. I remember watching President Bush with a bullhorn talking to the rescue workers, to me, to you…to every American. He didn’t use a script, he didn’t use a teleprompter, he spoke from the heart. The heart of a President, of a man, of an American. I was glad he was our President, because I knew he was strong, and he was mad as hell and what happened that day wouldn’t go unpunished.

I digress for a moment…the day Bin Laden was killed, someone posted on my Facebook that I shouldn’t delight in the death of any human being. I was furious, indignant and my prompt reply was that God never commanded us to love demons…and that is EXACTLY what I think Osama Bin Laden was…a demon from the pits of hell.

I will tell you that to me, the most horrifying part of 9/11 was watching people falling/jumping/leaping from the burning Towers. I couldn’t imagine what they were faced with inside the building that made taking that fateful plunge the best option they had….it gave me nightmares…until, I realized that they weren’t leaping to their death. They were leaping into the arms of God, and everlasting life.

It has been 12 years since 9/11. We’ve been through 2 wars. We have changed as a nation on a fundamental level. People say that Bush went into Iraq for oil…that WMD were never there…you can say or believe what you want, it’s your right. However, my Pres. Bush didn’t go into Iraq for oil. He went into Iraq because of a promise he made to you and to me and to every family and life touched by the events of 9/11 and that was to make Al Qaeda pay for what they had done. It was to make sure that they were so busy running from us, that they weren’t in a position to attack us again.

Our nation is more divided now than I have ever seen it. Democrats against Republicans…our President against his own country, or so it would seem. We’ve become a nation that apologizes and bows…that leaves American’s behind, when they need us most…and draws red lines in the sand then denies it. We’ve become a nation that doesn’t want to use the term “TERRORIST”, choosing instead to call it workplace violence even when it is admittedly a terrorist act.

We’ve become soft, a nation that has forgotten the horror of what happened. We’ve forgotten the stories, the heroism, the tragedies of that day. We have forgotten what it feels like to be an America UNITED…One Nation under GOD.

So, on 9/11…and 9/12…and all of the other 364 days…I will remember, I WILL NEVER FORGET.

This is a link to an article that inspired this post. I read it, I cried, I learned something I didn’t know. If you get the chance, I’d suggest you read it too. http://www.esquire.com/features/ESQ0903-SEP_FALLINGMAN

Social Responsibility


There are two stories in the headlines that got me thinking about social responsibility. To me, and this might not be the “technical” definition…it means our responsibility to our fellow man/woman. So, here are my thoughts.

On Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s. Miley built her career on the backs of young children. As Hannah Montana, her show was for the preteen demographic. Yes, Miley has grown up…but, reruns of the show are still out there, which she is raking in royalties, and her fan base continues to be young girls. Now, wanting to prove she’s “all grown up” Miley gets on stage at the VMA’s and humps, grinds, twerks, and generally makes a raunchy spectacle of herself.

Miley, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t put your music/tv shows and marketing out to a young impressionable audience and then decide you want to be all grown up as you hump teddy bears on stage. You have a social responsibility to act in a way that is appropriate for your young fans. The VMA’s is for an audience of 14 and above…I can honestly say, I wouldn’t want a 14 year old seeing how you behaved. Even as a 40 year old, your behavior was inappropriate and hard to watch. You earned your money and fame from a certain age group, and now you are trying to distance yourself from them. Fine, take off all reruns of Hannah Montana, make your music have an adult disclaimer and stop grinding on teddy bears.

Whether you like it or not, you have been a role model. Just because you are now 20 doesn’t mean that goes away. You put it out there, now you need to live up to it. Yes, you are young. However, there are a lot of 20 year olds out there that have already been to war, have families, and jobs. They are adults that don’t need to masturbate with a foam finger on stage to show people how “grown up” they are. Maybe you should take a lesson from them. As for it being “art”. That is ridiculous..it wasn’t art, and to use that as an excuse is bullshit.

So, until you either stop marketing to a young demographic or you take a look around and realize that “adults” don’t behave in that manner, then you are not upholding your end of social responsibility and as such, I believe parents should remove you from their purchasing list, block you on TiVo and guide their children toward more suitable role models. I will say in your defense…our idea of what role models are in this society is really jacked up. A singer, a guy that can throw a ball..these aren’t role models. Role models are people that act with integrity, valor, bravery, honor…look for people that fit that criteria for your child, not someone that can sing a song.

Now on to my second rant. This one is more serious and heartbreaking. About a year ago a young woman and her date got on a public bus in India. It ended with the man being beaten and the woman BRUTALLY raped…she eventually died. The youngest offender, the one that had pulled out her intestines during the rape with his hands recently got 3 years in a reform home. WTF?! This woman was raped with a metal pole, gang raped, had her intenstines pulled out and that is the punishment?

It is 2013, but as I look at news from around the world I see a devaluing of female life. Women are told not to walk on the streets alone….because we are apparently prey. We shouldn’t be out after dark…because apparently men can’t control themselves. We shouldn’t wear anything that even shows are ankles, because apparently that is “asking” to be raped.

We are women, not prey….we are not “asking” for it. If you can’t control yourself then that shows what kind of pathetic human being YOU are. Our laws need to be strict and harsh for those that prey on a weaker member of our society. Whether it’s women, or children or the elderly. If you target, and hurt those that can not fully protect themselves then you are not worthy of mercy.

As a woman, I can honestly say that rape is a horrendous affront to both society and to women. It is saying that it’s okay for men to be nothing more than animals….no, I won’t even offend animals like that, in the animal kingdom, even the female gets to choose their mate. It makes them worse than animals. It is degenerate and evil and vile. I don’t think that a slap on the wrist is appropriate and I certainly don’t think 3 years is an adequate sentence for someone that participated in raping a woman to death. Her life was more valuable than all of the degenerates that took part in the horrendous acts that were done to her.

However, until every society starts seeing women as equal to men in their basic human rights…then this kind of brutality is going to continue. Until men are taught from the time they are infants that women are to be respected not abused, that rape is not a funny…or something she asked for, that hurting those that are weaker than you is abhorant..then it will continue.

I pray for all the women of the world that are abused, hurt, beaten, raped at the hands of those that feel it’s their “right”. It is 2013, we have a worldwide social responsibility to protect women/children/elderly…it should be the forefront of every religion, and goverment’s agenda.

Breastfeeding Stigma


I saw this article http://www.tmz.com/2013/08/09/selma-blair-public-breast-feeding-grove/ and I was pretty shocked that the poll was split almost 50/50 that a breast feeding mother should either continue to do so or “put it away”.  WTF???

Apparently, we have forgotten what breasts are actually for….and no, it’s not to sale clothing, or guns, hamburgers or anything else.  Breasts are for feeding babies.  It is about giving a child the best and most natural food for it on Earth…something that every one of us is actually designed to eat as infants…breast milk.

If the sight of a woman breast feeding offends you, then don’t look.  If you are so incensed by it, then I say the problem is with you and NOT the breast feeding mother.  To be asked to “put away” her breast…aka stop feeding her child…is beyond infuriating to me.  I would never ask a bottle feeding mother to stop feeding her child, so why do they think it’s okay to ask a breast feeding mother to stop??

I have breast and bottle fed my children.  Yes, I got a few nasty stares, but I just stared right back at them.  I refuse to be “shamed” because I chose to breastfeed my child when it was hungry.  I’m sorry, but nothing makes me angrier than people thinking they get a say in everything.  A woman breast feeding her child is not something YOU get a say in.  It’s not something that should OFFEND anyone.  It’s not something that she should hide away, or be told to stop.  It is a natural function, just because her breast is seen as sexual object by society doesn’t mean that using it for it’s true purpose should be stigmatized.

In this day and age, with the economy what it is…people out of jobs…money tight.  Breastfeeding is not only the healthiest, but also most economic way to feed your baby.  We should be encouraging women to breastfeed not making them feel like they are doing something wrong.  We should educate the public that it’s a normal, natural thing.  It provides antibodies to a baby that it can’t get any other way, it helps the immune system, it’s easily digested, it contains the perfect amount of fat/protein and everything else that a growing baby needs to be healthy and happy. 

Yes, I am on my soap box about this…because we have become so politically correct that we would rather tell a mother breastfeeding her child to stop or move someplace else than to risk “offending” anyone.  As a woman, a mother…this offends ME on every level possible. 

I have heard people say that “children shouldn’t be exposed to that”….are you kidding me??  I think it’s less about children being exposed to the sight of a breastfeeding mother than the oogling she is probably getting from some man.  Teach  your children that breasts are for feeding babies…and maybe they won’t grow up to be people that are offended by the sight of it. 

As for the staring, you’re an adult…you choose where to look.  So, look away, take some personal responsibility for you inability to do something as simple as that.  However, instead of looking away, you’d rather she be removed from your sight.  So, the problem isn’t that she is doing anything wrong, it’s that you are a jackass.

Okay, I’ve ranted enough.  I just want to say for all the breastfeeding moms out there, don’t be ashamed, don’t be bullied and don’t stop feeding your baby.  It’s your right..as a mother, and a human being!

Are you kidding me??


So, if you haven’t seen it..here is the link to the video of an ADULT woman throwing a temper tantrum http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/wife-kicking-screaming-temper-tantrum-viral-article-1.1406432

Now, here is what I think about it. This is absolutely ridiculous..and this woman SHOULD be embarrassed by her behavior. As a grown (so called adult) woman, she should be able to control herself better than this. I am in no way surprised at the recent news that the couple is divorcing.

I think the problem is we are seeing a generation of kids…that were never taught self control…never given consequences…never told “No”…and now they are becoming adults. The behaviors they exhibited as children are continuing to manifest themselves in adulthood. We raised a generation of “ME” people..where their opinions, ideas, feelings and desires were the only ones that counted. Now, they are getting married, getting jobs and they still think the world should revolve around them. When it doesn’t, you see breakdowns of epic proportions.

So, here is my advice to “Whitney”…grow the fuck up! Even if your husband is the biggest jerk on the planet, your behavior was inexcusable. Adults, even when they are angry…should be able to talk to each other without screaming at the top of their lungs and throwing themselves around like they are having a seizure! Also..a marriage without compromise or communication is a marriage in it’s death throes.

I don’t know if you noticed but at one point she says something along the lines of she tried to talk to him about the budget, to which he replies..no, she was dictating to him. Again, another sign that things are going to hell in a handbasket. When one partner feels they have no voice, no say…then they will do what they feel is necessary to be heard. In this case, he chose to get his oil changed rather than take her out on the lake. So, this is what I have to say to him…

Yes, she acted like a child. However, it seems to me that he was being passive aggressive. Not taking her out on a trip they obviously planned so he could get his tires rotated..smacks of anger. Did he control it..yes, but it was no less obvious. When a couple makes no effort to take each other’s feelings into consideration then honestly, it’s time to call it quits.

In my opinion the best thing for this couple was a divorce. I would also not recommend getting married again until you realize that marriage is hard…it requires two people that are willing to put the each other’s needs above their own….to compromise…and be RESPECTFUL even during an argument. It’s about knowing that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and other people get input too.

We raised a generation of self centered asshats and now we are reaping what we sowed. Dr. Spock, I hope your happy.