The title of Hero is never wanted…


We often call people that rush into danger, that sacrifice their lives or their personal safety Heroes.  However, no one ever WANTS to be a Hero.  I have never heard someone that I would consider a Hero say, “I did it for the glory and to be called a Hero!”  In fact, so many times, they say that they just did what had to be done.  They just did their job.  They just did what anyone would do.  But, that isn’t true….

There is something inside every Hero that makes them different.  It makes them see the plight of their fellow man and understand that THEY are the ones called to help.  That THEY are there to protect.

A Hero doesn’t care if you are black, or white, brown, or green.  A Hero doesn’t care if you are young or old.  A Hero only knows that you need HELP, that you need THEM, and they will come, they will step out of the crowd, they will put on the uniform, they will stand between you and whatever it is that threatens to harm you, without concern for themselves or their personal safety.

In a world where lawlessness has become the new normal, I pray there will be enough Heroes to counter it….to step up and say NO MORE to those that wish to prey on the weak, and the innocent.  I pray they will continue to put on the uniform of our law enforcement and our military and stand ready to do battle with evil.  I pray they continue to hold the blue line, to defend freedom, to be Heroes.

In Dallas, evil thought it would win.  Hate thought it would triumph.  However, the Heroes stepped forward, as they always do.  They suffered loss, immeasurable loss, they were scared, they were hurt, but they held the line.  They didn’t falter.  Heroes died that day, and my heart breaks for their families, for those they left behind.

I can’t comfort you, as you deal with your loss.  I can’t hold you as you cry for your loved one, but I can tell you that because of the brave sacrifice of your loved one, the world is a bit safer.  They died as HEROES.

#PrayForDallas #ThinBlueLine #SupportOurMilitary #ThankYouForYourSacrifice


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