Where have all the good men gone?


Maybe it’s just me, but I look around and I wonder…where have all the good men gone?  What happened to the days when MEN WERE MEN?  When they were breadwinners, warriors, and gentlemen?  What happened to the days of dating and not opening up a conversation with “you wanna see a pic of my dick?” What happened to wanting to be a man in the bedroom?  What happened to manners, and protectiveness?  The modern age has given us cell phones and laptops, but it’s also given us metro males.  I’m not liking the trade off.

I think society has caused this rift between the sexes….of what women want, and of what men think women want.  Yes, we want equal pay for equal work, but we also want you to hold the door open for us.  If you want to argue how women will jump down your throat if you hold open a door…then you’re probably a metro male, because a real man would just hold open the dang door.  A lot more women will appreciate it than possibly the one bitch that would complain.

You can agree with me, or not.  You can like this post or not.  You can be a dominant male or NOT….however, it won’t change my opinion.  Men are meant to be warriors, to be leaders of their families (it’s Biblical, and if you don’t like that, frankly my dear, I don’t give a dang).  Men are meant to be strong, to be protective, to be MEN.

If being a cuck is something you’re into, then more the power to you, I’m sure there is a woman out there for you….probably the one griping about guys holding doors open for her.  However, I AM NOT THAT WOMAN.

If you want a woman to be in control, well guess what…I’m tired of it.  It’s YOUR turn.


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  1. The good men have gone silent running. Men like myself, have grown tired of our wives cheating on us. Relationships just aren’t worth it today. To be alone means to never be hurt again. Ever.

  2. There is a community of Red Pill men who consider themselves MGTOW which stands for “Men Going Their Own Way.” These men have reached a level of frustration, anger and disillusionment so extreme that they have decided not only to abandon sexual and romantic relationships with women entirely, but also attempt to avoid women in any aspect of their lives. They have opted out. Women are perceived as such a threat and a nuisance that they determined their life is better spent not having to deal with them more than absolutely necessary.

    • As a woman, this makes me sad. I am sorry that you feel you’ve reached a point of no return and that you’d rather live your life without a woman than with one. There are good and bad in both sexes. I’m sure there are probably women that feel the same way about men as you do about women. However, this to me isn’t healthy…trying to avoid women in every aspect of their lives….their sisters and mothers, their coworkers, their neighbors. It sounds unhealthy and that instead of starting a club, therapy may be their best option. Living a life while missing out on romantic/sexual love is sad, it’s not brave or noble.

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