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Post Election Thoughts…


I woke up today, thankful to God that my family and I live in this GREAT country. Democracy is a blessing, and it doesn’t matter if the election goes your way or not, we can ALL vote, and we can have our voices heard. There are so many places in the world, where that isn’t an option, where the people have no voice. They live in fear, not in hope. So, today, give thanks to God and know that everything works according to His plan, and we are all better off for it.


Throw that stone…


I’ve been thinking about Donald Trump’s comments from eleven years ago.  As a woman, and a voter…this is my opinion.

So, everyone that has EVER said anything inappropriate or cringe worthy, should immediately stop living their life, stop having goals, stop trying to do the right thing, because apparently once you do something stupid, you’re just supposed to crawl in a hole and die. This is absolutely ridiculous and I’m more disappointed in Republicans that are using what Trumps said eleven years ago to ruin this election than I am in what Trump actually said. My vote hasn’t changed, it will still be for Trump 2016

I also want everyone to realize what a slippery slope it is, to go back 10-20 years and use someone’s words against them. What about you, in the last 20 years, have you ever said anything YOU were ashamed of?

If not, then throw that first stone, but if you have, then do you really want employers coming back and punishing you for something you did 20 years ago?   Let’s do away with statue of limitations then, let the police go back 30 years to when you trespassed and file charges.  Let’s publicly embarrass you for being a dumbass, or a prick, or an idiot, because apparently people can’t grow or change.  They can’t change who they are…oh wait, YES THEY CAN.  We can all become better people.  Honestly, when I was 20, I was a miserable bitch, but then life taught me that it’s better to be kind, to be forgiving, to be generous than to be a miserable bitch.

Do I condone disrespect towards women, OF COURSE NOT!!!!  However, I know the difference between a horny man trying to make himself sound more virile to another man, than someone that is being truly disrespectful.  Am I a fan of some of the other things Trump has said, no.  However, spend a little time on Twitter and you’ll see things just as bad, if not worse….people fat shaming overweight or pregnant women.  People belittling each other.  People being intolerant of differences of opinion.   The world is not a perfect place, and neither Trump or Hillary is perfect….they are flawed, as we all are.  However, they can grow, they can learn and should not have their lives ruined by something said in a conversation eleven years ago.

To me, the actions of the Secretary of State lying to the American people and to the families of the fallen of Benghazi is more upsetting to me.  If she will lie to us (and the heartbroken mothers) about something so important as to how brave Americans died, then she does not deserve my trust, nor my vote.



When the news makes me hate the world.


I watch the news, and I am rarely shocked….the world can be a chaotic and upsetting place.  However, there are some news stories, that not only shock, but horrify me as well.  Here in WV, a man allegedly raped a 9 month old baby to death.

That is why I believe in the death penalty…although, I think it’s too good for someone as utterly evil, vile, and disgusting as this man.  Someone with that level of depravity should be tried, them immediately executed.  Forget the 20+ years of appeals….and all the years of working the system.  Some people shouldn’t be allowed to live on this planet, they have reach a level of evil, that only Hell will understand.

I don’t know about y’all, but I rarely see any good news anymore.  There are fewer and fewer “feel good” stories.  I turn on the news, and what I hear today, is usually significantly worse than what I heard yesterday…and yesterday was pretty awful.

I see women and children being raped.  I see “honor” killings.  I see terrorist attacks.  I see a lack of basic humanity from Facebook comments to the mainstream media.  Somewhere along the way in the last 30 years, we’ve become a world of people that only care about themselves.  We’ve lost our way, we’ve lost our moral compass, and we’ve lost our compassion for our fellow man.

So, today I’m turning off the news, and I’m saying a prayer, because at this point, only God can help us now.

(FYI, if you want to rant about God, do it someplace else.  I will neither read, or publish your comments.  I believe Jesus is my Savior and NOTHING you can say will change that, so move along.)

Do I look like a grandma to you??


When I decided to let my hair go grey, I had friends older than I am tell me that it would make me look “older”.  I had people that I didn’t know well, tell me that it was time to “touch up my roots.”  I had people that I loved tell me I was “letting myself go”.  Well, all that was very enlightening.  You see, those same people wouldn’t tell me that I’ve gained weight.  They wouldn’t comment on the fact that my breasts are getting saggy, or that my butt has gone flat….yet, they felt perfectly comfortable judging my hair, and assuming that my reason for going grey was because I had “given up”.

So, let me clear up a few things for you.  1. I have not given up…in fact, the only thing I’ve given up is being tied to a hair dyeing schedule.  2.  I am 43, dyeing my hair brown is not going to make me look 23, and neither will the grey in my hair make me look 63.  I am my age, and I’m proud of it.  3.  My hair is healthier than it’s been in a LONG time, it’s not dry, there are no split ends, it’s soft and shiny and those white hairs that used to laugh at my hair dye (knowing in 2 weeks they’d be peeking out again) are now shining like silver highlights in the sun.

This grey hair journey all began when it was time to dye my hair again…and I was wondering…what color would hide the grey the longest?  I looked back and forth and you know what I saw?  Blonde, Brown, Black and Red.  Well, my hair has been blonde, brown, black and red about a 1000x each. I wanted something different.  I wanted to see what nature had given me, something that I hadn’t seen since I was 13 years old.

Now, I am not a patient woman.  A patient woman would slowly grow her hair out.  Nope, I am a cut it all off woman, because for me, that was the quickest way to my goal.  I went in and told the stylist to give me a pixie, I think she was more nervous than I was…the first thing out of her mouth was, “But, your hair is so long!”….the next thing out of her mouth was, “You’ll hate your pixie in a week.”  After that particular comment, I didn’t mention that I was giving up dye too, or I’m pretty sure she’d have had a heart attack.

Her assumption was that this was a spur of the moment, fly by the seat of my pants decision.  She didn’t realize that this was something I’d thought about for a month before I made the appointment, I looked at pictures, I tried to visualize what I’d look like with grey hair ….would I look like Paula Deen with snow white hair, or would I be more salt n’ pepper?  I truly had no idea, and THAT is the fun of going grey.  As we get older, true surprises are less and less frequent, but the color of your natural hair IS a true surprise, because you never really get what you were expecting!

Anyhow, it’s been 8 months since I got my pixie.  I still love it, although my goal is to grow my hair long.  My sister said I’d look like a “witch”….I said, it was about time that my hair matched my personality (LOLOL!)  She apparently hadn’t seen the pictures of mature women with gorgeous, long, beautiful hair, so I made sure to pull them up on my phone and show her each and every one….until she finally relented and agreed that long grey hair could be beautiful.

While I was on this journey of discovery, you know what I found…we are a society that still equates grey hair with “grandma”, or that once you hit 50 you have to cut it all off, because older women shouldn’t have long hair….and if you have long, grey hair, well stop the presses, the world is going to an end!  If you don’t believe me, watch YouTube for a hot second.  It might come as a surprise to you to know that some women go grey in their 20’s.  That you don’t have to be “old” to have grey hair.  It will probably come as more of a shock to you to find out that a lot of men actually think grey hair is not only pretty, but sexy as well!  GASP!!!

It is 2016, can’t we embrace who we are?  Why do we have to conform to society with our hair, or our weight, or our clothing?  Why can’t we live the life that makes us happy?  When my last day comes, I hope the people that know me, will have more to say about me than “Well, did you see her hair, she really let herself go!”

So, to all my silver haired ladies, embrace what makes you different, embrace what makes you happy.  Nurture your authentic self in ANY way that makes YOU feel comfortable, vibrant, and complete. You don’t need anyone’s approval.





Where have all the good men gone?


Maybe it’s just me, but I look around and I wonder…where have all the good men gone?  What happened to the days when MEN WERE MEN?  When they were breadwinners, warriors, and gentlemen?  What happened to the days of dating and not opening up a conversation with “you wanna see a pic of my dick?” What happened to wanting to be a man in the bedroom?  What happened to manners, and protectiveness?  The modern age has given us cell phones and laptops, but it’s also given us metro males.  I’m not liking the trade off.

I think society has caused this rift between the sexes….of what women want, and of what men think women want.  Yes, we want equal pay for equal work, but we also want you to hold the door open for us.  If you want to argue how women will jump down your throat if you hold open a door…then you’re probably a metro male, because a real man would just hold open the dang door.  A lot more women will appreciate it than possibly the one bitch that would complain.

You can agree with me, or not.  You can like this post or not.  You can be a dominant male or NOT….however, it won’t change my opinion.  Men are meant to be warriors, to be leaders of their families (it’s Biblical, and if you don’t like that, frankly my dear, I don’t give a dang).  Men are meant to be strong, to be protective, to be MEN.

If being a cuck is something you’re into, then more the power to you, I’m sure there is a woman out there for you….probably the one griping about guys holding doors open for her.  However, I AM NOT THAT WOMAN.

If you want a woman to be in control, well guess what…I’m tired of it.  It’s YOUR turn.

Products I love.. (for the ladies!)


So, I thought I’d share this quick blog post about a few things I’ve found that work for me, and that I love and use.  Hope you find this helpful, because you know…all us hot chicks need to stick together! 🙂

Rosehip Seed Oil…..oh how I love it, let me count the ways!!  It doesn’t break me out (jojoba, coconut, argon all broke me out), it moisturizes without making me greasy, it works to remove waterproof mascara like a dream, I use it on my lips too and it keeps them soft and chap free.  It’s cheap! I get mine at a health food store for about $7 but you can find it on Amazon too.  It’s great stuff, Google all the wonderfulness to see things I haven’t listed here!

Clarisonic…..yes, it’s a bit pricey (I put off getting it for 2 years!), but ask for it for Christmas, or Mother’s Day or just buy it your dang self, cause you’re worth it!! This has been the biggest game changer for me, in terms of breakouts.  I think it’s because it gets my skin REALLY clean, and I use a LOT of products on my skin, so it’s necessary to get them ALL off at the end of the day so my skincare can work better.  I know there are some knock off/other version brands out there, so any of them is better than a washcloth or your hands.  Try it and you’ll love it.

Aveeno Foaming Facewash….I have used it for YEARS.  It works great with my Clarisonic, and it does help keep my skin clear of break outs.  They have a cream version, but I’m not as big of a fan of it, it leaves a coating on my skin that I don’t care for, but it would work well for super dry skin.

Vaseline with Cocoa Butter….I have literally used this for 10+ years to remove waterproof mascara (I use it now, to get off anything the rosehip seed oil leaves behind).  I think this is why at 43 I have very few lines around my eyes.  I also dampen my skin then add a layer of vaseline when my skin is super dry, it DOES NOT clog my pores, and my Dermatologist told me she does this too!  I also massage it into my eyelashes to keep them long, soft and healthy. PS…if you don’t want to use Vaseline for whatever reason, feel free just to use the Rosehip seed oil.

Body Scrub….you could buy a tub, but I make my own and this is how…I buy a big ol’ container of Safflower oil at the grocery store, I don’t use Olive Oil, because it’s more expensive, and it has an olivey (is that a word?) smell to it.  The safflower oil is odorless, but contains all the same essential fats as EVOO to moisturize your skin….next, I throw in some plain ol’ white sugar.  See, nothing fancy so far.  Then I add a tablespoon or two of Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder.  Mix it together, adding oil until you get the consistency you want, I like mine a bit thick so it’s good and exfoliating.  Now, get in the shower and SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB. Not only does it smell like delicious chocolate, but the cocoa powder gives a bit of color to the scrub, so you can see if you miss any spots.  Once scrubbed, rinse off ( I use a bit of Ivory Body Wash on my hand just to get the brown cocoa color off) and voila, you will feel so soft and buttery that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Aussie 5 Min Hair Miracle….This stuff is the best.  I leave it on for 5 min when I have the time, or throw it on and rinse it out when I don’t…either way, I’m left with soft, silky that you’ll toss your hair around like you’re in a TV commercial.

Banish the Brass….if you are blonde, or silver/grey haired and you want something to seriously banish the brassy yellow tones.  L’oreal Professionals Silver Shine shampoo, you can find it on Amazon.  It is the darkest purples of any shampoo I have ever purchased and you only need the smallest amount, leave it on about 5 min once a week and there ya go, gorgeous NON brassy hair!  Also, if you find that you are getting a build up of the purple from this or any other purpled toned shampoo, Suaves Daily Clarifying shampoo will remove it, and it doesn’t strip my hair as badly as some other brands, plus it is SUPER CHEAP, so it’s worth trying because even if you don’t use purple shampoo, we all get product build up every now and then.

Teeth!   I know this one will either be your idea of awesome, or you’ll hate it.  However, in the morning I brush my teeth normally with toothpaste.  At night, I use a mixture of coconut oil/baking soda and a drop or 2 of peppermint oil.  Mix well, store in a container and brush your teeth with this mixture.  Just be sure to SPIT IN THE TRASH NOT IN YOUR SINK, because the coconut oil will clog your drain.  Trust me on this.  Now, what will happen is that your gums will get healthier, your teeth whiter.  I love it, and I will do it forever.  Your mileage my vary.  PS you can also try oil pulling, but it gags me to do it, so I don’t.

Okay, that’s a few of my favorite things.  If you want to know more, let me know and if you don’t….well, then I guess we’re done here. 🙂

The title of Hero is never wanted…


We often call people that rush into danger, that sacrifice their lives or their personal safety Heroes.  However, no one ever WANTS to be a Hero.  I have never heard someone that I would consider a Hero say, “I did it for the glory and to be called a Hero!”  In fact, so many times, they say that they just did what had to be done.  They just did their job.  They just did what anyone would do.  But, that isn’t true….

There is something inside every Hero that makes them different.  It makes them see the plight of their fellow man and understand that THEY are the ones called to help.  That THEY are there to protect.

A Hero doesn’t care if you are black, or white, brown, or green.  A Hero doesn’t care if you are young or old.  A Hero only knows that you need HELP, that you need THEM, and they will come, they will step out of the crowd, they will put on the uniform, they will stand between you and whatever it is that threatens to harm you, without concern for themselves or their personal safety.

In a world where lawlessness has become the new normal, I pray there will be enough Heroes to counter it….to step up and say NO MORE to those that wish to prey on the weak, and the innocent.  I pray they will continue to put on the uniform of our law enforcement and our military and stand ready to do battle with evil.  I pray they continue to hold the blue line, to defend freedom, to be Heroes.

In Dallas, evil thought it would win.  Hate thought it would triumph.  However, the Heroes stepped forward, as they always do.  They suffered loss, immeasurable loss, they were scared, they were hurt, but they held the line.  They didn’t falter.  Heroes died that day, and my heart breaks for their families, for those they left behind.

I can’t comfort you, as you deal with your loss.  I can’t hold you as you cry for your loved one, but I can tell you that because of the brave sacrifice of your loved one, the world is a bit safer.  They died as HEROES.

#PrayForDallas #ThinBlueLine #SupportOurMilitary #ThankYouForYourSacrifice